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Recently I decided to create the ultimate bucket list for our family, to ensure that when our children leave the nest, they leave it being as ‘rich’ as possible. I believe the key to achieving this is to immerse them in experiences, adventures and activities that enrich their mind, body and soul. Leaving no stone unturned..

In order to make our list more achievable I have created sub categories – BIG (ones that cost more and require travel/planning), CREATE, MIND, SOUL and ADVENTURE. Our list includes a variety simple yet enjoyable activities, experiences that cost very little, and ones that focus on giving back. I will be adding to our list as our children (& their capabilities) grow, as items are ticked off and as we discover new interests/likes. Our list will also include things that are more adult specific – as being positive role models for children is extremely important, by setting and achieving goals is one way this can be demonstrated.

I will try and share pictures of us completing some of the list – however a lot of these activities require me to be completely immersed in the moment with my children – making us taking photos a distraction.



Have Breakfast with a Disney character
Visit Disney World
Build a sandcastle at a famous beach
Go on a plane ride overseas
Photograph the ‘Big 5’ animals
Visit 1 of the natural wonders of the world


A Paper Mache animal
Butterfly painting
Marble painting
Pipe cleaner person
Bubble blowing painting
Clay monster
Animal footprints in playdoh
Rock monster
Fruit and veggie stamping
Paint with your body
Make a pasta necklace
Build a fort / cubby with sheets ✔️
Make finger puppets
Hold a puppet show
Make a bird feeder ✔️

Go on a hermit crab hunt
Feed a bird from your hand ✔️
Cuddle a koala
Swim with / feed / pat dolphins
Watch turtle eggs hatching
Milk a cow
Swim naked in the ocean
Find a starfish
Catch a fish
Go on a bush walk
Swim underneath a waterfall
Run through a maze
Pick some fresh fruit
Reach the top of a mountain hike
Slide down a hill on cardboard
Roll down a hill
Camp out under the stars
Eat marshmallows / smores from a camp fire
Go to a teddy bears picnic
Ride a teacup ride ✔️

Share a meal with a stranger
Play a game with some locals when on holidays
Donate some toys to charity
Have a bubble bath that is taller than you are
Have a food fight
Play in a pool full of jelly
See fireworks
Eat cake for breakfast
Make a dessert pizza
Camp in the lounge room
Harvest our own fruit and vegetable garden

Look at the moon & planets through a telescope
Make an abacus
Play a giant game of chess

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