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Judgey Mofos

This morning while I walked through the shopping centre with Nylah (who was completely undressed, apart from her nappy). the stares toward us (her) were constant, akin to the smell of her fresh vomit that seemed to follow our trail wherever we went.


I literally found myself feeling like an …

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She’s SO up herself

Does anyone know the phrases that get thrown around a lot – Β ‘she’s so up herself’ or ‘she loves herself way too much’. It’s so strange to me that people consider these as bad traits and say them like they are put downs. Why shouldn’t we love ourselves? If we can’t be our biggest …

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Snacks and Stars

Anyone remember what Grocery Shopping pre Kids was like? Yeah me either lol. But I’m fairly certain (after watching a few young childless couples / empty nesters in Woolies), it is a relaxing outing to the shops to rationally and level headedly choose the weeks food intake, maybe even squeezing in an uninterrupted perusal of …

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