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I’m Bec, mother to 2, Wife to one. Pre Kids, I worked as a Primary School Teacher, but these days I’m lucky enough to call this Blog my job (aside from the most important job of all – motherhood). I love photography, fashion & beauty, food, travelling, exploring nature, and a good Iced Chai Latte! I eat predominantly a plant based / vegetarian diet, and spend way too much time scrolling pinterest!

I hope you enjoy viewing a little piece of my world, find the experiences, opinions and advice shared helpful, and most importantly – have a laugh along the way (even if it is at my expense)!

This big guy here, he’s the old husband of the house – Ava. He’s humble, thinks he is hilarious (he’s got a few bad dad jokes in him) and is wayyyyy (too) relaxed lol. I say he’s my chocolate man, (but he prefers the term ‘honey brown’) with Cook Island, Tahitian and Maori heritage (and the reason our kids have gorgeous skin!). He works hard to give our family the best life possible and I am forever grateful for his dedication and work ethic. You will catch him from time to time in our IG stories & vlogs, pretending he doesn’t want to be filmed but really he’s loving the attention lol.

Then we have our ‘free spirited’ son Kruize (4). He has the most beautiful nature loving soul, but is extremely headstrong, determined and stubborn. His memory is like an encyclopaedia and his mood swings like tornados. Apologies in advance for his unpredictability if you ever meet him lol.

Our sweet little wildflower Nylah (1) is the baby of our fam (for now). She is delicate and sweet natured, with a fiery side. She’s my sidekick and shadow, who loves a good dance!

♡ Bec

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