5 Things I LOVE about the new LG TwinWash

  1. Its both a washer and dryer! Firstly, mind blown. I have no idea how a machine can have the capability of washing clothes, and then also drying them, but it does, and it’s AWESOME. It can wash and dry up to 9kgs without stopping, which makes life so much easier on those rainy days, or days where you simply cannot be bothered to hang the washing out.
  2. You can remotely control the machine and its functions via your phone. Busy with the kids, but want to see how long until the washing is finished? No problems!
  3. You can do TWO loads at once. Imagine being able to wash all of your ‘normal/everyday’ clothes in the big drum, whilst doing whites or delicates in the smaller bottom. This is also great when you only have a few items that you need to wash – like when you realise you need nude bra and undies for an outfit tonight, but don’t have enough to warrant a big load!
  4. You can pause the wash cycle midway through to add items that you may have forgotten to put in initially. This is such a great idea because I always find extra socks laying around after I’ve already put the washing on!
  5. Most mums know that stains and kids clothing are basically unavoidable. I used to be super pedantic about the kids eating in their ‘good’ clothes, but now, the True Steam technology within this machine – stains are removed far more effectively.



Thank you to LG Australia for gifting us this machine for review purposes.


Author: Bec Crombie

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