Bloggers Brunch 2017 with Caruso’s Natural Health

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the annual Kids Business Bloggers Brunch held in Sydney. This is a great event that helps not only Parenting Bloggers get their foot in the door, but also provides a platform for relevant business’ to engage in the help of us bloggers to spread the word about there fabulous products. I of course jumped at the chance, because I’m all about that meeting and mingling lol. It was also set to be a lovely night away, a change in routine and a chance to meet some of my blogging pals!

The event was held at the Homestead at Centennial Park (which looks like an amazing park by the way – I saw lots of mums out walking, and also bike riders – one of which our taxi almost hit!). The first half of the morning included meeting face to face with some wonderful businesses including Caruso’s, Curash and Medela. We were lucky enough to be treated to some goodies to take home with us (who doesn’t love some freebies) as well as be involved in a few little competitions that were running on the day – some of you may have seen my Curash Flatlay? After the morning mingling, we gathered to listen to talks from a number of influential business people, including Frank Caruso (founder of Caruso’s Health) & Kim Smith (founder of Standing Strong – a total wellness club for girls).

I had a chance to speak to both Frank and Kim on the day, and the passion they exude was so inspiring. They have both worked extremely hard to get to where they are today, and not without struggles/challenges. Frank is enthusiastically passionate about Children’s health and preventative health measures – we are a big fan (and existing customers) of his ‘Behaviour Calm’ in our house. I would suggest to any mums reading this who are experiencing difficulties with your childs behaviour/sleep to look into this product – often times these issues arise due to a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals – magnesium being one of the main ones.

As you all know, I’m pretty passionate about health and wellness in our household and alot of the Caruso products align with my beliefs. I’ve also made no secret of the fact that as much as I dislike it, we do allow screen time. For me it is a case of survival mode, sometimes I just need that 30 minutes of peace and quiet in order to get dinner ready and keep the house hold functioning, and for me this means Kruize watching a little tv or having some time on the Ipad. To be honest, pre kids I always said I would never do that, however I’m sure there are a whole heap of us who have said the same, and are now eating our words lol. I was a little shocked when Frank mentioned that too much exposure to ‘blue light’ from these devices can cause eye damage. Because of this, he has produced the ‘Blue Eye Protect’ which is designed to help support children’s eyes. Obviously in an ideal world, they wouldn’t need this, but in this day and age we have devices everywhere – schools, shops, homes, whilst travelling etc.. it is almost impossible to avoid. So this product is the next best thing. In the past I have purchased the Behaviour Calm from a local health food store – but I also know you can purchase online via (p.s when I just went on their website there is a pop up screen that gives you 20% off if you sign up 😉

Stevie (@mytribeofsix) and I with the man himself – Frank Caruso.


Chillin’ with Kirsty from The Mummysomniac
Was also lovely to meet Steph from Just Another Mummy Blog

I hope you enjoyed reading about our day at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch, and seeing a little insight into what happens at these ‘blogging events’. We were treated to some lovely goodie bags from the brands, which was nice, but the main thing I walked away with from the event was feeling inspired to work harder and stand up/advocate my beliefs, even if you are going to ruffle feathers you never know who you may help in the process!

Author: Bec Crombie

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